My Journey: From Navy SEAL to Metaphysical Frog

Hi, I’m Bill Seith, and welcome to the Metaphysical Frog Blog. Join me as I journey inward to all things beyond the physical world to leap forward to unlimited possibilities. Defining metaphysics would be a good idea before we delve into my personal story.

In a spiritual sense, metaphysics refers to the exploration and understanding of the nature of reality that goes beyond the physical and empirical world. It explores questions about our existence, consciousness, and the ultimate nature of being from the perspective that integrates spiritual, divine, or quantum dimensions. I’ve been fascinated with metaphysics since I first read Napoleon Hill’s book “Think and Grow Rich.”

I was just 19 years old, and I had no idea the concepts Hill described in his book were metaphysical principles. Did you know many ancient spiritual or religious texts include metaphysical principles? The Christian Bible is the first that comes to my mind since I was raised a catholic. Some may believe that metaphysical principles originated from Hindu scriptures like the Bhagavad Gita or Upanishads, which form the philosophical basis of Hinduism.

Did you know the Kabbalah, a mystical tradition within Judaism, was known for its metaphysical teachings? It explores the nature of God, the universe, and the human soul. It includes the study of the Tree of Life, a metaphysical symbol representing the universe’s structure and the path to spiritual enlightenment.

Lastly, I think it’s essential to include the Tao Te Ching. Authored by Laozi in the 6th century BC. The Tao Te Ching is a foundational text of Taoism, an ancient tradition of philosophy and religious belief deeply rooted in Chinese customs and worldview. It discusses the Tao, or the Way, a metaphysical concept that refers to the essential, unnamable process of the universe. The Tao Te Ching speaks about the nature of existence, the virtue of non-action (Wu Wei), and the balance of opposites (Yin and Yang). While primarily a religious and moral guide, the Bible, especially in its mystical interpretations like those found in Christian mysticism, also contains metaphysical elements.

Concepts such as the nature of God, the soul, the afterlife, and the spiritual realm are explored, particularly in books like Revelation and the writings of mystics like St. John of the Cross and Meister Eckhart. Now that we’ve established a base of metaphysical understanding, I welcome you to a unique journey from the heart-pounding trenches of Navy SEAL training to the profound depths of spiritual exploration.

It’s my story of a lifelong transformation from an insecure teenage drug addict to a Navy SEAL and eventually successful business executive and entrepreneur. Picture this: it’s a blistering day in Coronado, California, the home of Basic Underwater Demolition/SEAL training better known as BUD/S. The relentless sun beats down as waves crash the shore. I’m standing there, a 25-year-old, far from the typical younger BUD/s student. I had just graduated training—a milestone that marked the culmination of grit, discipline, and determination. Historically, only 3 out of 10 BUD/S candidates emerged victorious and graduate from the program.

But let me take you back a bit. My journey into the elite ranks of the SEAL Teams wasn’t a lifelong dream. In fact, it was quite the opposite. My younger years were riddled with poor choices, leading me down a dark and uncertain path. I never aspired to wear a military uniform. Still, I found myself at a crossroads where my choices were limited: it was either a life of criminality, drug overdose, or the Navy.

In that pivotal moment, I made a decision that would forever alter the course of my life. I chose the Navy, not out of passion for the military but out of a desperate need for a fresh start. And here’s where the story takes an intriguing turn. I didn’t just join the Navy; I joined my destiny. I had a vision for my life, and I was determined to manifest it into reality. That decision was the first step on a journey of self-discovery that would unveil my true capabilities.

navy seal


Fast forward to today, and I stand before you not only as a retired Navy SEAL but also as an entrepreneur, a business consultant, and an ordained spiritual counselor specializing in metaphysical science. My story is a testament to the incredible power of transformation, the unwavering human spirit, and the profound mysteries that lie beyond the realm of the physical.

Embark on a journey with me as we delve into the remarkable chapters of my life, from the rigorous SEAL training to the mystical realm of metaphysical exploration. It’s a journey that defies convention, challenges boundaries, and ultimately leaves us with profound lessons about the limitless potential that resides within us all. So, fasten your seatbelts because this is “My Journey: From Navy SEAL Operator to Metaphysical Frog.”

In the vast tapestry of life, we all have unique threads—each representing experiences, challenges, traumas, and moments that shape who we become. These environmental inputs, especially the ones that carry a heavy emotional toll, imprint on our brains. They create hardwired neural networks that form the basis of our default mode network. Keep that in mind as I weave together the story of my background.

I won’t linger on tales of personal hardship, but it’s essential to acknowledge the path that led me to where I stand today. I grew up in a broken home, but amidst the fractured pieces, I was fortunate to be loved by both my parents. Like many of my generation, my early years were a constant journey, moving from one place to another and navigating the ever-changing landscape of schools and friendships.

My Background

In the vast tapestry of life, we all have unique threads—each representing experiences, challenges, traumas, and moments that shape who we become. These environmental inputs, especially the ones that carry a heavy emotional toll, imprint on our brains. They create hardwired neural networks that form the basis of our default mode network. Keep that in mind as I weave together the story of my background.

I won’t linger on tales of personal hardship, but it’s essential to acknowledge the path that led me to where I stand today. I grew up in a broken home, but amidst the fractured pieces, I was fortunate to be loved by both my parents. Like many of my generation, my early years were a constant journey, moving from one place to another and navigating the ever-changing landscape of schools and friendships.

As you might imagine, I veered off course in my teenage years. I made missteps, diving headfirst into the dangerous waters of drinking and drug use—a tumultuous period that persisted into my early twenties. It was a time of recklessness and self-destructive behavior as I struggled to find my footing in the world. But then, at the age of 24, life presented me with a wake-up call—a stark, harrowing experience that jolted me awake from my self-inflicted chaos.

I found myself at a crossroads, faced with a critical decision: either change my course or risk a future marred by incarceration or worse. That moment, that extreme low point in my life, became a catalyst for profound change. It forced me to confront my demons and transform my trajectory. The journey from addiction to redemption, from darkness to light, is one I’ve traveled, and it’s a journey that has shaped the person I am today. I’m humbled to be a testament to the resilience of the human spirit and the incredible power of transformation.

However, my experience has taught me you don’t wait for such a dramatic adverse event to change your life positively. In fact, it’s much more advisable to embark on the path of transformation from a position of gratitude, strength, and abundance. Since my earlier years, each personal transformation I embarked upon began from a better position. It may have taken a while, but I’ve learned to recognize when I’m heading in the wrong direction and when it’s time to change.

So, as we delve deeper into my story, remember that life’s threads are complex and multifaceted. They twist and turn, rise and fall, but ultimately converge to create the tapestry of our existence. I’m confessing so much of my personal life with those who care to listen because I’m hoping you might learn from my mistakes and take the advice I have to offer to better your life. So, Stay with me as I unravel more chapters that reveal the strength of determination, the power of overcoming adversity, and the boundless potential that resides within us all.

Navy SEAL Experience

My career as a SEAL absolutely changed my life for the better. I learned the importance of discipline, and the only limits I have are the ones I put on myself. I completed the world’s most challenging military training by visualizing my success. So, shouldn’t I be able to conquer anything? The short answer is yes. But the truth for me is a little more complicated than that. Life’s good and bad times ebb and flow like the ocean. The difference is made in how you react to all of it.

If you ever had the chance to be around a group of SEALs as an outsider, you might have felt overwhelmed by their confidence and perhaps even intimidated by their boldness. It’s understandable to feel that way, as SEALs are trained to be the best at what they do, and their unwavering self-assurance can be pretty impressive.

What you don’t see is the inside pressure every Navy SEAL has. There is pressure to perform constantly at a high level. At a level where everything you do could affect the man’s life to the left or right of you. As you can imagine, the job of a Navy SEAL is dangerous, but team guys go to extreme lengths to mitigate risk. First, our training regimen is more challenging than most other military units. This training creates positive neural networks in our brains, allowing us to sync energetically as a team.

SEAL units, regardless of their size, can perform under extreme pressure with exceptional situational awareness. This can be thought of as a flow state that requires no verbal communication. The team members understand each other’s actions without the need for words and are always there to back each other up.

But we are, after all, only human, and mistakes happen. Every Navy SEAL experiences failure; when that happens, we mentally torture ourselves even more so than our teammates. In this world of high-performing teams, the mantra of “mission completion at all costs” is deeply ingrained in every member’s psyche.

The rigorous training Navy SEALs undergo equips them with unparalleled skills and expertise to operate at the highest level. However, in the event of a mistake or an error, these highly skilled individuals may begin to harbor self-doubt and worry about the perception of their peers.

The fear of being judged by their teammates can be debilitating and can even affect their performance in the long run. This is a classic case of our brains projecting worst-case outcomes into the future creating a state of anxiety. Let me try to explain this more clearly. These negative thought patterns are fear responses that eventually imprint on your brain. A hardwired neural network creates a feedback loop of negative thinking and feeling.

We don’t realize that these thought patterns are projecting a frequency out into the universe, bringing back to you like experiences. If you didn’t know, our fear response is part of our autonomic nervous system; these habitual patterns of thinking and feeling are random and mostly go unnoticed. Let me ask you… Have you ever heard the term Default Mode Network (DMN)?

Our Default Mode Network is responsible for those 60,000 random thoughts you have daily. It’s a network of interacting brain regions typically active when you are not focused on the outside world, and the brain is at wakeful rest.

The DMN is typically activated during periods of mind-wandering and daydreaming. This is when your thoughts are not focused on the external environment or a specific task. The problem with this is that the thoughts associated with the DMN are either past events or future predictions. Negative past experiences create hardwired neural networks that become part of the DMN, offering them up randomly some 60,000 times a day.

A similar situation happens when you worry about future outcomes. Our Fight or Flight response mechanism projects worst-case outcomes into the future, causing anxiety. The good news is that this can be overcome. You can avoid this negative trap feedback loop of thinking and feeling and replace it with positive affirmations. That’s when you begin to attract wealth and abundance into your life. I’ve done it, and I will share those experiences with you.

Academic and Spiritual Pursuits

As my journey continued to evolve, I found myself navigating uncharted waters, transitioning from the intense world of military service to entrepreneurship, the realms of academia and spirituality. Each path leads me to unexpected discoveries and profound transformations.

At 19, I stumbled upon Napoleon Hill’s groundbreaking book, “Think and Grow Rich.” Little did I know, this encounter would plant a seed in my mind that suggested I could “think” my way to riches. At that point in my life, wealth was my primary focus, and I genuinely believed that thoughts could manifest this reality.

Of course, the next five years didn’t produce any riches. I lacked the discipline to embrace a path that would lead to abundance. I kept making bad decisions that led to a very bad place. As I said before, when I was 24 years old, I decided to change my life. However, to make that dream a reality, I had to convince myself I was a Navy SEAL. It was a challenging journey that required unwavering commitment.

I had to burn all my bridges of escape and dedicate myself fully to achieving my goal. Living each day as if I had already achieved the goal of graduating BUD/s training was the only way to eliminate the limiting beliefs that could have derailed my efforts.

Although I was proud of being a Navy SEAL and loved the time I spent serving, it wasn’t my childhood dream. So, when I retired after serving for 21 years, I was excited to start a new journey as an entrepreneur, motivated by the pursuit of financial success.  

My first business, a construction company, was doing well, but like many first-time entrepreneurs, I made some costly decisions that eventually led to the closure of the business. This experience was a turning point, and I realized I needed more than determination to succeed. I believed there was vital knowledge I was missing, so I decided to go back to school.

Over the next five years, I earned a master’s degree in innovation and entrepreneurship and a second in instructional design and technology. From the outside, it appeared I had my shit together. I was on the path to a second successful career, but the truth was different. Yes, I was succeeding in the corporate world, but I was still plagued by a sense of emptiness, believing that material financial success was the path to my happiness.

It wasn’t until December of 2021 that I stumbled upon a series of YouTube videos that would forever alter my perspective. One video featured Dr. Joe Dispenza, who presented the convergence of metaphysical truths with groundbreaking scientific discoveries. This approach was unlike anything I had heard before and it really spoke to me.

Something inside me clicked. It wasn’t that Dr. Joe was presenting entirely new spiritual concepts; instead, he was aligning these truths with logical scientific findings that were transforming lives. I sensed that Dr. Joe had something essential for me to learn, and thus began my deep dive into his teachings.

This exploration ultimately led me to embark on an academic journey of a different kind—seminary studies aimed at earning a Ph.D. in Metaphysical Science. It was a pivotal decision that would bridge the gap between my military background, academic pursuits, and a profound spiritual awakening.

Purpose & Value Proposition

Now, let’s dive into my purpose and the core of my mission. The truth is, I’m not quite sure. What comes to mind is something I heard Zig Zigler say many times. “If you help enough other people get what they want, you’ll get what you want. So, let’s start with that. 

I am driven by a deep-rooted belief in the limitless potential that resides within each of us. I’ve walked the path from the rigors of a Navy SEAL career to the metaphysical realms of consciousness and witnessed the transformative power of merging these worlds. 

This fusion of practical, actionable discipline with spiritual growth principles forms the bedrock of my mission. I’ve come to understand that success is not confined to any single domain; it’s a holistic pursuit that encompasses physical, mental, and spiritual dimensions. My mission is to help others recognize this truth and provide them with the tools and insights needed to unlock their full potential.

So… I welcome you to the Metaphysical Frog channel, where I aim to bridge the gap between the crazy life lessons I learned as a Navy SEAL and the metaphysical insights that illuminate my path. True success is not just about achieving external goals; it’s about discovering one’s authentic self, realizing one’s purpose, and experiencing profound personal growth.

In a world often characterized by division and separation, my mission is to unite people with their authentic selves while fostering unity and shared purpose. I want to empower individuals to transcend limitations, break through barriers, and lead lives of fulfillment and abundance.

So, as we journey together through the upcoming chapters of this channel, remember that my purpose is rooted in the belief that you have the power to transform your life. Through the unique blend of scientific discoveries and metaphysical insights, we’ll chart a course toward abundance through self-discovery and a deeper understanding of the incredible potential that lies within you.